Scotland Generates 98% of October Electricity Through Wind Turbines

According to a new report from WWF Scotland, over 98% of the electricity demand for the month of October was generated through wind turbines.

Based on this analysis, the amount of power generated through wind (1,850,512 MWh) was enough to power nearly five million homes last month alone. At its peak on October 23rd, turbines were responsible for generating 405,900.94 MWh, breaking records during the process and providing enough energy for over 300% of Scotland households.

Acting director Dr. Sam Gardner was pleased by the results. “What a month October proved to be, with wind powering on average 98% of Scotland’s entire electricity demand for the month, and exceeding our total demand for a staggering 16 out of 31 days. These figures clearly show wind is working, it’s helping reduce our emissions and is the lowest cost form of new power generation.”

It seems to be popular amongst residents as well. A recent survey suggested more and more people are in favor of turbines in rural areas.

These numbers come at a critical time, as a recent climate report released by the United Nations scientific panel outlined a stark forecast for the planet if emissions are not zeroed out immediately.

UN scientists warn that food shortages, wildfires, mass die-off of coral reefs, and various biological catastrophes could become reality as soon as 2040.

The authors of the report outlined that such effects could occur if greenhouse gases continue rising at their current rates, warming the atmosphere by as much as 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius).

Avoiding the worst case scenario will require an immediate global transformation of the world economy and energy infrastructure. While it is technically possible to achieve the rapid changes required to avoid 2.7 degrees of warming, it is politically unlikely that an overhaul will occur.

There is no way to mitigate climate change without eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Many more successes such as this new report from Scotland will be needed on in order to overcome the environmental challenges the world is facing, but for today we stop and celebrate one small victory.

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